Steve Vaughan, Director of Instruction, PGA


Steve Vaughan
Director of Instruction
PGA Member
(619) 540.4653

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The key to improving your golf game is to first understand what aspects
of your game need improvement. My greatest strenghth, as a teacher, is
correctly diagnosing the trouble areas of your game and then creating a
custom program that will corret your trouble areas. These custom
programs will help establish positive habits that will in turn create better
shots which produce better scores.

The golf swing is a series of movements that, when properly timed,
create quality golf shots. When one aspect of the swing is out of place it
sets off a chain reaction of over compensations, that in turn result in bad
golf shots. It is so important to work on your golf swing, one movement
at a time, in the proper order to create the most effective golf swing for
your time.



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Individual Private Instruction all lessons
include video analysis

1 - 1 Hour Lesson - $100
3 - 1 Hour Lessons- $250
5 - 1 Hour Lessons- $400

($25 for each additional student per session)
On course playing lessons

- 9 holes $200 ($25 dollars each additional student)
- 18 holes $350 ($50 each additional student)

1/2 Hour Lesson - $60
6 - 1/2 Hour Lessons - 300

Juniors 17 years and younger 1/2 Hour
Lesson - $40

Monthly Junior Program

- Every Saturday at 9:00am- 10:00am
- $25 per student


Teaching Experience

Riverwalk Golf Club 1998 to 2007
Indian Wells Golf Resort 1993 to 1998
Palmer Golf Club 1988 to 1993

Callaway Staff Member


Playing Experience

Century Club Member 2000-2009
Career Low Round- 63
Career low tournament round- 65
Course Record at The Crossings at Carlsbad- 65