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Thank you all for the support you gave the Gauntlet Golf Club during the difficult year of 2018!


As many of you know 2018 was the wettest year on record for the Fredericksburg area and as a result many golf courses suffered major turf loss.  None more than the Gauntlet.  As a result of the many issues we faced with maintaining good quality turf, we learned a lot about what our course needs to maintain high quality conditions.  Beginning in the fall, a very aggressive recovery project was started to grow the greens back in and in doing so many things have been done to improve sunlight and airflow to the greens.  We anticipate a full recovery by mid-April and the highest quality playing conditions going forward.


Many things have been done operationally as well to ensure the highest quality service, to include improved league management, tee management, new golf carts and enhanced food & beverage experiences. 


The management team of New Direction Golf Management has aggressively recruited new members of its team to include, John Emerson (Golf Course Superintendent) and Karman Haggermaker (Director of Food & Beverage), both of which bring a lot of new ideas, that promise to bring the Gauntlet Golf Club experience to a new level.


On February 15th at 6pm, we invite you out to meet our new team members and hear what they have instore for the Gauntlet in 2019.


Again, thank you for your support and we hope to see you next Friday!




Mike Byrd "PGA"



New Direction Golf Management (President)

General Manager / Head Professional


New Faces at the course in 2019

John Emerson Jr.
University of Kentucky
BS Plant & Soil Science

Hello All,

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you guys a little about me and my background.  Originally from Louisville, KY.  Born and raised there, and I have lived there my entire life except for my time in college when I was in Lexington, KY.  I have been in the golf business since the early 2000’s.  My experiences have quite a large range.  From working as a turfgrass research associate at the University of Kentucky, to my first internship at a local municipal, to high end private and semi-private clubs, all the way to renovating Valhalla Golf Club for the 2008 Ryder Cup.  I have also been fortunate to be part of several major renovations and grow-ins for a multitude of golf courses.  I’m excited to put all these experiences to work at Gauntlet Golf Club!!  Golf is a major part of my life both growing grass and playing the game.  I hope to bring the same joy to the patrons of Gauntlet Golf Club.  Don’t ever hesitate to stop and talk to me!  I really enjoy educating golfers about the “how”, and “why” we turf guys do what we do.
See ya around the course!  

 Karman Haggenmaker lives to make people happy through food and experiences. Growing up in the south, surrounded by a family who’s main goal was to feed everyone they came in contact with, she came by this trait quite honestly. She learned to play in the dirt and grow her own food at a young age. A passion that has grown over the years. At the age of 18, Karman took her first job in the restaurant industry while in college. During the next 14 years, she learned the necessary skills to take Gauntlet Golf Club’s food and beverage operations to the next level. She has coordinated many successful events for local restaurants and charities and loved the challenges each brought. Karman looks forward to putting a fresh take on old favorites and to bringing new, exciting libations and menu items to The G. In her spare time, Karman enjoys sitting with her fiancé on their back deck and watching the birds and squirrels play, camping, hiking, knitting and swinging in her hammock. She can never say no to a good book or a strong cup of coffee. And life wouldn’t be complete without the love and support of her three children, two dogs, and the mate of her soul.