December 1, 2018

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PGC Instruction Academy - Golf Tip


Golf Tip from Tony Wilkins, PGA Instructor at Jefferson Park Golf Course. 

Swinging "Right" for Straighter Shots

I see many students who struggle with an "over the top" move and a ball flight that starts left of the target line. I've used the following drill (reverse for lefties) to minimize this and improve contact:

Use a short iron (7-9) and play the ball back in the stance (off the right foot). This may feel awkward, but make shorter 3/4 backswings and try to feel the club stay behind your body on the downswing. The goal is to feel the club SWINGING TO THE RIGHT and the ball to start RIGHT of the target line. 

I have yet to meet a golfer who likes to hit the golf ball to the RIGHT and this will require some patience. In time, if you can hit shots RIGHT of the target line they can evolve into a draw (curving left) as the body continues to rotate through impact to the finish. As you progress, continue to position the ball more forward in the stance, feeling the same thing, and looking for a ball flight that starts slightly RIGHT of the target line or on it. 

This drill will eventually improve contact and promote a more consistent strike. Monitor this progress with your local PGA Professional for long term results.

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