June 1, 2019

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Hole 12 - Par 3 Opening Soon
 Legion Memorial's New Hole
#12 - Nearing Completion

Seattle Am Champion Joe Harvie
Registration deadline is approaching for the 85th Annual Seattle Amateur

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PGC Instruction Academy - Golf Tip


Golf Tip from Luc McLeod, Assistant Golf Professional at Legion Memorial Golf Course. 

“Tips for Playing in the Wind”

There is a popular phrase that is helpful to remember when playing a shot into the wind, “When it’s breezy; swing easy.” … But why?

Many golfers natural instinct when they have a shot into wind is to grip tight and muscle up, hoping their efforts will be enough, but the reality is that many things can go wrong. Swinging harder in an attempt to fight the wind decreases your chances of solid contact. An important thing to remember when hitting any golf shot is how crucial centeredness of contact is, a.k.a. hitting the sweet spot. Swinging too hard can cause increased grip pressure, loss of center of balance and can cause the wrong muscles to contract at the wrong time.


Knowing this, next time your find yourself having to hit a shot into the wind, hit at least one club longer (pay attention to other factors, wind intensity and shot elevation, you may need to grab two clubs longer), and swing easy! Swinging easier promotes better balance, lighter grip pressure, and compresses the ball less in the wind resulting in a more penetrating ball flight due to a lower spin rate. Choosing a club with less loft naturally lowers shot trajectory, decreasing the wind’s effect on the ball.


Practice hitting full shots at 50% speed and then progress up to 75%, focusing on balance and control. If you can get good at this drill, and consistently find the sweet spot you should have greater success into the wind.

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