July News from Bellevue GC

2018 Bellevue City Am ChampionThe 2019 Bellevue City Amateur

The Bellevue City Amateur is just over one month away! This is your chance to take part in the Eastside’s premier amateur golf tournament. Click here for details and to register! 

New Golf Car Fleet

We have a whole new golf car fleet! Enjoy the experience of riding in a golf car without the loud noise. Click here to visit our website  to view our daily golf car specials.

Attn: Beginners! Try Crossroads Par 3 

Dipping your feet in a pool can be nice on a hot summer day. And for the beginning golfer that hasn’t played on a real course yet, the Crossroads Par 3 golf course is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Why jump right into the deep end when you can start on the shallow end?

The 9-hole Par 3 course located behind the Crossroads Mall is a great way for a new golfer to take their game from the driving range to the course. Click here to learn more about Crossroads Par 3.