August 1, 2019

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Legion Memorial Golf Course
 Come Celebrate Legion Memorial's Grand Reopening August 16th!

Shrimp Boil Tournament
The popular Shrimp Boil Tournament at
Cedarcrest GC is August 24th

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  • ATTN: Parents! Limited space is still available in Premier Golf's Summer Junior Camps. Register today! - More
  • Jefferson Park GC - Join us on the Patio for live music from Planet Fly on August 21st - More
  • Lake Padden GC - Want to learn how to golf? Limited space is still available for Get Golf Ready, beginning August 8th - More
  • The popular Shrimp Boil Golf Tournament at Cedarcrest Golf Course is coming up August 24th, reserve your spot today! - More
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PGC Instruction Academy - Golf Tip


Golf Tip from Luc McLeod, Assistant Golf Professional at Legion Memorial Golf Course. 

Hip Rotation

Hip rotation throughout the golf swing is very important. Your hips work together with your body to help produce a good tempo and help generate power and consistency. Failing to rotate your hips properly can result in pushing or pulling the ball, producing inconsistent strikes on the club. The more efficiently you rotate your body, the better. Here are some tips!

Don't sway!

Swaying your hips is NOT rotating them and it is something you should avoid because it produces an improper spine angle. This restricts you from fully rotating during the downswing and leads to an over-the-top swing. You want stability in you lower body and rotating properly promotes that. In Jack Nicklaus’s words “turn, don’t slide.” 

During the Backswing

During the backswing, focus on turning your hips away from the ball and keeping the lower body stable. Don’t shift your weight as you bring the club back, instead think about pressuring it. As you continue to turn your shoulders your right leg and hip should be flexed setting you in a good position with plenty of leverage  

Rotate through Impact

The most important thing to remember during your downswing is to continue rotation, don't slide! You do not want to stop or you might push or pull the ball. Don't focus too hard, or force your rotation, instead stay relaxed and swing smooth. Here's a tip to help with rotation during the downswing:

Before you attempt a swing take your front foot and open it slightly towards the target. This will help you preset your hips allowing them to rotate fully through impact. Post impact your hips should be square to your target, if you are wearing a belt buckle think about pointing that at your target to finish your swing.  

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