October 1, 2019

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Bellevue's Junior League
 Bellevue's Oct. Junior & Teen Academy begins next week!

Toptracer Leagues
Toptracer Leagues at Jefferson & Interbay begin next week!

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  • Bellevue's Oct. Junior & Teen Academy begins next week. Space is still available, register today! - More
  • Interbay's Mini Golf Trick or Treating is Oct. 26th 5pm - 8pm. Bring the family and don't miss out on the fun! - More
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  • Premier's Fall Aerification Schedule - More
PGC Instruction Academy - Golf Tip


Golf Tip from Matt Lipe, Head Golf Professional at Jackson Park Golf Course. 

Impact Position

If there is one unequivocal truth in golf it has to be that every swing is unique. Sure, there are several traits that all great ball strikers have in common, but their swings as a dynamic motion are unique. There are a millions of variations in grip, spine angle, and wrist position at the top for example. One thing that all of them have in common though is impact. The drill I’m about to describe should give you a feel for the impact position we should be trying for every full iron shot.

  • Take a 7 iron and address the ball with your normal setup
  • Ensure that the ball is slightly forward of center
  • Push down with your left foot for a right handed golfer and shift your weight forward of center
  • Open your hips left of target and push your hands slightly forward of the ball
  • Be mindful of your shoulders not opening up too much
  • Hold these angles
  • Take the club back to just past hip height with a slight shoulder turn and strike the ball
  • Our goal is to hit low punch shots with our arms and club moving down our intended target line through impact

Repeat this drill as many times as it takes to ingrain that impact position. You’ll be striking the ball with more control and surprise yourself with the extra distance you can achieve through more consistent contact.

To book a lesson with a Premier Golf Instructor near you, click here or call 206-254-6543 for more information. 

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