New Storm Water Detention Ponds put to Test!

Near record rainfall on September 9th put the new storm water detention ponds to test. 2 inches in an hour in the early afternoon filled the ponds and put the greens and big parts of the golf course under water, followed by another 1 ½ inches before dark. The storm water detention ponds filled right to the top and bunkers on the golf course all became small ponds with water flowing like rivers running across the greens. The weather service called it a 100 year weather event. 

Within 24 hours the Stormwater ponds were back to normal levels, appearing to have done their job, but it took a few days to put the sand bunkers back together and clean up the debris that washed across the course. The rest of the course held up well and despite being a little wetter than normal, looked good again. A thank you to Dale Bowers and the maintenance staff for all their hard work and effort to clean things up. Here are a few photos of the stormwater.

Storm Water Detention Pond  Bunker on Legion Memorial

Legion Memorial Golf Course