October Newsletter

Dear Member,

For those of you that have been out to the Golf Course recently I am sure you have noticed the changes and work crews out seemingly everywhere!  It is difficult to remember everything that has been done in the last 30 days but I will try to recap them for you.  

The Bunkers on hole #14 have been completely redone.  We lowered the facing on both and shrunk the far left bunker almost in half.  Again all of the work was done in house and it is amazing to see how fast they have become at a very difficult job!  Greenside bunkers on #18 have also been completely redone.  We shrunk the front bunker in order to allow for some better drainage and combined the left bunkers into one for aesthetic purposes as well as Maintenance practices.  Great job to Ahren, Steven and the team on getting so much done this fall!  

If you live around or have been on the Back Nine recently you would have noticed how low the ponds have been recently.  The reason why we have lowered them is to do some erosion control on our banks.  Our pump house located on the #16 pond has a bank directly behind it and that bank had severely sluffed off over the last couple years.  A fellow member, Richard Besancon, has helped us strategize a plan to help stop the erosion around some critical areas but we couldn't do so with the water high.  We essentially created a shelf on the lower part of the pond and created a V formation of rock to help stop the erosion.  We will then fill the ponds back leaving approximately one foot of rock above the water line.  Thanks again to Richard for his help!

Another Member of ours Jerry McKay with McKay landscape lighting just finished off the second phase of our Lighting last Friday.  We added lighting to 7 trees on the top portion right by the Golf Shop and my personal favorite, 4 trees by the putting green are both up-lit and down-lit.  The whole facility really looks amazing at night!  Next time you are out for dinner or a drink by the Fire-Pit I recommend walking out the side exit as Jerry and team did a great job!

We have also moved just under 80 trees from our nursery onto the golf course!  The trees have been moved into strategic locations more than anything to help block views or sight lines of traffic or create barriers and help frame the golf course.  We have added trees behind #8 green to help enclose the hole and block views of 119th street, added trees on both the tee box and greenside of #9 to help block 120th street.  The most impactive tree planting in terms of golf has been the addition of trees on Highland #7.  We have added trees down the right side to compliment the area between Highland #6 & #7 to create the distinct feel of two separate holes.  I have no doubt this will dramatically help in the next few years.

Arrangements have been made to start painting the pool house in the next few weeks.  Our members, Jami and Jesse Clark with Walls 2 Floors have the work orders complete and will begin work soon!  As soon as we put Palmer's Pub to rest, sometime in November, they will also begin work on repainting down there as well!  

The Ladies Deer Creek Cup was held on September 30th with 28 Ladies playing.  We played 27 holes starting with a scramble in the morning, alternate shot in the early afternoon and then finished off with a best ball in the late afternoon.  The black team came out victorious in what appeared to be a very enjoyable day for all!  Thank you to Kippy King and Connie Boeak for spearheading the event and creating a great buzz for the day!!

Our Annual Glow Ball which once had over 160 people signed up teed off on a very cold evening!  The temperature at tee time was a cool 42 degrees and dropped as low as 39 by the time the last group finished.  Thank you to all 76 people that braved the cold weather!  Luck of the Irish that the week before or the week after would have bumped the temperature by about 20 degrees! Welcome to Nebraska fall.

The Annual Chili Open was just that this year! Chilli(y)...  After over an hour frost delay we got out with 30 teams!  Congratulations to Matt Petersen, Rob Bartness, Jeff Kress & Brad Williamson for a very impressive round of 15 under par.  I didn't get a chance to try but heard a ton of compliments on the Famous Players Club Prime Rib Chili!

The Men's Deer Creek Cup will tee off this weekend with a full field of 32 players!  Over 80 people played in at least one qualifier this year and the event continues to get better every year.  Thanks to Brad Masterson for chairing this year and making this event one to play in!


If you have interest in playing in the Women's Interclub we invite you out to an informational meeting Tuesday October 16th at 6pm in the Boardroom.  The Women's Interclub affords you the chance to play all of the top Clubs in Omaha and a great chance to meet new Members of YOUR Club!!!

The Winter Edition of Wine & Dine is on October 19th - email events@playersclubomaha.com for more information or to sign up today!

Thanksgiving Take Out Packages are available for reservations at this point.  WE WILL SELL OUT of Turkeys so please make your reservations today.  Email events@playersclubomaha.com for more information or to sign up!

The Creighton Bus Trip is getting closer.... As soon as Creighton informs us of our date we will let you know!

Thursday Night Prime Rib Specials start November1st, Wednesday Night Poker starts November 7th and Sunday Brunch will begin on November 4th...  More information will follow on each of these special days so keep looking for emails from the club! 


Please feel free to give me a call or email me with any questions or ideas!  


Tim Halpine - General Manager